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Only 50% of businesses make it to their five-year anniversary, 33% make it to their 10th anniversary.

Make sure yours is one that not only survives, it thrives.

Top Reasons Small Businesses Fail

  • Inadequate business management skills
  • Weak financial management skills
  • Poor understanding of how to effectively market/sell their products or services
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Affordable courses for small business owners that fit your budget and your busy schedule.

Growth happens when you take a step back from the day-to-day to assess, plan, and implement new strategies.

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Halls of Ivy Small Business University

Courses designed with your needs in mind

  • Each lesson is designed to take around 12 minutes to complete -you learn exactly what you need to know to make a positive change in your business.
  • Courses may consist of a single 12-minute lesson or may be comprised of multiple 12-minute lessons.
  • Every lesson has a defined action plan that you can put to work in your business once you've completed the lesson.
  • Additional resources are provided to help you dig deeper to gain mastery of the subject matter.

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Your business is key to a healthy, thriving economy

Small businesses account for

  • 99.7% of all employers in the U.S.
  • Nearly 50% of U.S. GDP comes from small businesses
  • Nearly 50% of all U.S. employees work for a small business

Despite the importance of small businesses to our economy, small businesses remain the least well-managed enterprises in the country. But it isn't for lack of trying. It's a knowledge and resources deficit.

  • Small business owners often know a lot about their product or service, but not much about business and financial management.
  • Small business owners are pressed for time as they often work in the business day-to-day and lack real management help.
  • There is a massive amount of information available for small business owners to sift through to find resources, but knowing where and how to start can be challenging.

Halls of Ivy Can Help
Halls of Ivy was created by a small business owner, for small business owners to get you access to the knowledge and tools you need, without a whole lot of what you don't. We know time is more precious to you because you are doing it all---servicing your customers, managing your employees, running your business, and trying to have a life.

Reaching your business goals can sometimes feel like a Sisyphean task. Just when you think you've got that boulder to the top of the hill, it rolls back down again. We know the feeling, and we're here to help with targeted knowledge combined with targeted action plans-designed specifically with your needs in mind.

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